Daniel Passaro is known for playing smoldering villains who are equally dangerous and charming.
Also a filmmaker he learned how to make films while a bike messenger in New York City and would go to film schools once a month with a crisp 100 dollar bill that he saved and would tell teachers and students he would give them $100 if they answered 10 questions about filmmaking that he had made a list of. They easily agreed and Dan would then practice everything he learned by reshooting scenes from movies shot for shot with an old camcorder.
Each month Dan went back with another 10 questions. This went on and off for about 2 years. Recreating almost 100 scenes and acting in them as well. Through hard work and being proactive Dan was able to get all the knowledge a film student in New York would get for a couple thousand bucks.
Since then Dan directed and starred in his first feature, Reality Check The Musical a Brash musical comedy, in the vein of South park and Kids in the Hal, with his brother Ron, a composer who’s musical score was featured in Queen Mimi which won best documentary at Cannes this year.
Dan recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles where he directed and starred in a short film- The Last Traveling Salesman on Earth-written by Will Strouse who has a project in development with HBO.

Dan reel 8.24.15 from Daniel Passaro on Vimeo.